Twang! …and a little bit of country!

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Twang! …and a little bit of country!

Historical journals attempt to describe on paper the natural musical talents and melodious singing voices of the islanders.


Pre-war entertainment for island families involved visiting one another in the evening to enjoy an inpromptu sing-a-long to the accompaniment of the piano, organ, ukelele, guitar or mouth organ.


With an appreciation of all genres of music, but in particular throughout the 1930s country music stood at the forefront on the island.


The late Baker (Foxy) McCoy recalled:
In the 1930s – there were stacks of LP records on the island… everyone had those old spring-loaded wind-up players – with singers such as Wilf Carter, Tex Morton, Harry Torrani (British yodeller) and Hank Snow. …. During the war – and after – we would get together with guitars, ukuleles, squeezeboxes and have sing-songs at people’s houses. Or if there was a radio program featuring Tex Morton, or someone else we all really liked, we would listen and sing afterwards. Radio 2KY (from Sydney) was popular – we’d have the old radios with big valves and aerials stretching up to the top of the pine trees, right up high, to get a good reception.

(1999 interview – Bounty Chords)


The Norfolk Island Country Music Festival would not have built such a successful achievement throughout the years without the support of the Norfolk Island community. Hours upon hours of planning and organisation up to the actual hosting of the Country Music week in May of each year, is acreddited to the committee and numerous volunteers.


The 24th Country Music Festival is being held 15-22 May 2017 and you are most welcome to plan ahead, book your air tickets and get in touch with NICMA for an updated program of events and any questions or further enquiries. The festival provides a musically, enriching opportunity to visit our island, particularly if you are an avid ‘live entertainment’ music-lover and you enjoy ‘a little bit of country’!


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