Our nourishing traditions…

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Our nourishing traditions…
Grow, pick, cut, grate, stir, blend, mash…


Where is your concentration when you cook? Are you thinking about emails to do, or tasks to finish at work…. Are you aware of your hand actually stirring the ingredients? Or do you throw it all into a whizzer because you haven’t much time today …?


Are you in a hurry? Or are you breathing slowly and enjoying the manifold sensations of smell, touch and the occasional ‘dip your finger in’ taste-test ?


Can you taste the love in it?


Is that at all possible?


I believe it does make a difference ~ being aware of your body movements and mindset as you creatively prepare and cook a meal for your loved ones. And yet I can’t explain it properly in words, because for some reason it is all in the final taste sensation.


Many Island elders insist that the plun (banana) fritters taste ‘oh, so much better’ when prepared with a traditional yolor (grater). How can that be? That the taste is ‘sweeter’ when you’re using the same single ingredient (such as the banana) without knowing whether or not it has been prepared with a yolor or a stainless steel tin grater? Certainly, it takes longer with the yolor so it’s not a time-saving exercise… Preparation is slowed, the use of an ‘old object’ visually reminds you of days past, the feel is different… and ‘somehow’ this correlates to a better tasting dish?


Community and family celebrations on the island such as birthdays, Christmas or Thanksgiving is a mixed-age-fusion around a culinary hub… preferably dining outdoors (it tastes better here too!).

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