Horses &… a golf course

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Horses  &… a golf course

‘They are not like any other kind of horse that the world has ever seen…’
( A B ‘Banjo” Paterson – 1902)


It is impossible to imagine a horse.  So how can we imagine the reactions of 104 children under the age of 16, seeing, for the very first time, a collection of four-legged creatures on rugged hillsides? Even with a vividly creative, fertile imagination, it would be impossible to imagine something you had never seen before…


In 1856 a community of 194  arrived at Norfolk Island, a tiny isolated isle, after a sea passage of 6,000kms westward across the Pacific Ocean. They inherited upon landing, everything that had been recently left by the vacated convict penal settlement, including these four-legged creatures!


Having no experience with ‘the horse’, it was with a common attitude of perseverence, resourcefulness and practicality that ensured our community’s survival in their new homeland. The horse soon became integral in support of crops being ploughed, wagons, stock and produce carried as well as ease of personal travel island-wide!

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