Our sound heritage

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Our sound heritage
This is your Norfolk Island birthright.
It is a legacy. A custom. A history. A tradition.

Eight letters… ‘heritage’.. envelops an amplitude of interpretations. You may chose your own understanding based upon the context given.. .It’s almost as intriguing as the word ‘culture’!


A sound artist’s role in sound heritage storytelling aims to evoke and inspire an audience whilst subtly offering a deeper layer of exploration and engagement within community values. The shared commitment to our Norfolk Island fragile living heritage is uncovered in treasured old audio recordings from 1948, pre-dating the walkman, the ipod, and the iphone. Never again to be re-recorded. Never again to be reconstructed.


Protected audio archives audios of a place and people preserves a cultural legacy. Perhaps its the spoken native language or choice of song repertroires. It is our responsibility to hold fast to the precious safeguarding of a time, of an era.


“Songs and music are one of the greatest expressions of a nation’s culture,” said singer and songwriter Paul Williams, President of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. “Preserving them through sound recordings, which capture the spirit of a time, is important work.”

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