If you already love our island or you are thinking of visiting us soon, you will love Traditions.


There are many Bounty descendants in far-flung parts of the world who identify with our Norfolk Island traditions. Our cultural practices and heritage is heartfelt particularly as milestones of parenthood are embraced. We hold close to our hearts the importance of our Norfolk uniqueness, particularly as our children and ‘our children’s children’ grow and feel that same connection.

By starting with a strong sense of purpose and incorporating effective social media tools, we enrich and encourage our readers to consistently share with others our community’s heritage and way of life.

A feeling of belonging is enhanced as readers find common parallels and understandings that connect;
no matter where we live.


Readers who are visitors to our island are offered a precious insight into the authentic essence of a unique isle located on the 29th Parallel South!


Once again you have done a fantastic job.  The March issue with that most beautiful front picture followed by the articles, photos and recording of the choir singing Gethsemane takes me back to my carefree, happy, innocent childhood that I had not forgotten about but had put to the back of the memory bank until someone as lovely as yourself has bought back to life for me.  Thank you for all your hard work and the information in each monthly edition.


….”a beautifully presented range of very interesting articles, to say nothing of the video clips and sound tracks. Really looking forward to getting right into the different articles and giving them the time they deserve. Maybe I ought to follow Ruthie’s example and set aside a few – no make dar plenty – cups of teas! So keep up the great work. These magazines will be worth their weight in gold – or whatever they measure the value of e-mags in these days – as historical records”


To all out there….Take time to look at Jodie Williams online monthly Norfolk Island magazine “Traditions”.
Just love your work….
The recordings/videos of Norfolk’s people, photos and stories – such a great way to share Norfolk’s way of life, Norfolk’s people, history and fond memories all so real. Proud of Jodie’s creativity and inspiration to put together this monthly magazine of Beautiful Norfolk Island.


Beautiful photographs, fascinating facts and wonderful articles ….. it doesn’t matter if you’re a Norfolk Islander or someone who is interested in learning more about our amazing Island, you will love reading “Traditions”. The added bonus is that it’s so easy to share by gifting a subscription.


A great initiative showcasing our heritage and culture, our history past and present…can’t wait for the next stage…keep up the excellent work.


This is an excellent publication written by a Norfolk Islander about Norfolk Island and all its colourful history, culture, people and beauty. I thoroughly recommend it as a good read and strong reference material for the story of Norfolk Island. Congratulations!


A big shout out to Jodie Williams who has shared her knowledge, passion and history by presenting this wonderful digital magazine … A great gift idea for any Norfolk Islander living away who holds our beautiful island close to their hearts.


Love reading the Traditions magazine! Gives an outsider like me a fascinating insight into the history, culture and people of Norfolk Island. How proud you guys must be of your heritage, and well done Jodie Williams for finding a way to showcase and maintain it for all.


Such a fantastic idea to digitally share Norfolk’s culture, history and special reads. So much of what I read is now off my phone and IPad and I was so excited to spend some time reading the thought out stories and great pics from my iPad. Ordering was so easy and could pay on PayPal! Love that you can order one edition or subscribe for the year.


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